Independent  Artist Since 1985

Art by Lori

I have owned and operated Lori Hlavsa Studios since 1985. My work has ranged in many medias such as drawing , sign painting , murals , sculpture , and painting.

Self taught and independent, I  have been an artist my entire life. 

"Art is a visual conversation to my own heart and soul. It is unifying, healing, and a voice when there are no words.

Themes come from people, nature, and life times that inspire me. My style is always portrayed in a colorful moving way. 


If you are wondering why I don't update many photos here , is because this is not my world here on the internet though , I really try to keep things updated in my Etsy store each summer , Just click on the  SHOP  above, and you be directed to my store . Please use the conversations about any custom order and I will be sure to get in there and list it ...Thank you all I am trying to stay on the web more .